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Welcome To FYIfamilies Community Blog

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”.
Albert Einstein

Family can be wonderful, complex and difficult. We welcome you to our Community Blog, and we hope you will visit often and share your thoughts, questions and comments. While our focus is on families experiencing divorce we invite comments on any family issue that you feel would be valuable to share.

If  you are  contemplating divorce , or somewhere on the “divorce highway” , you already know that there are lots of emotions involved with divorce, for you, your (soon to be) “ex/spouse” and, if you are a parent, for your children.

Here, you can ask questions, vent (in a respectful way of course), commiserate and share your experiences with others.  We hope that by visiting the Community Blog you will find ideas that will help turn your ex/spouse into a co-parent and create a “new normal” for you.

Our expertise as Marriage and Family Therapists will provide topics that we have found are important or even painful to most of our clients in our practice at Family Therapy Associates, in Coral Springs, Florida .

As authors of Pro-Active Parenting After Divorce, a Florida Parent Education and Family Stabilization course ( a required course for parents of children under 18 years of age) we also will bring you educational information for comments and discussion. By the way, this course is approved by the Department of Children and Families to be offered in all Judicial Circuit Courts in the State of Florida .

As the expert “on your life” we invite you to share your thoughts on what your experience is like and ask any question that may be keeping your “stuck”.

We thank you for visiting and hope we can make your journey a bit easier and help you find solutions that “fit” for you!

Our Best,

Karen Kaplan,MS.Ed. LMFT & Dr. Debbie Swayman,LMFT,
Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists located in Coral Springs/Parkland community.

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