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Attention Divorcing Parents: #1 behavior your kids wish you would STOP!

What is a common behavior that many parents engage in, that is NOT helpful for the children ?

Arguing, bickering, fighting, yelling; You get it! Behaviors that say to kids mom and dad can”t get along .

It  it is probably true for all of us that when we hear anger it gets us off balance, blood pressure rises and we generally feel ill at ease. Imagine what is like for your children when mom and dad, the two most important people in their world fight!

little girl listening to mom and dad fightWe understand that the fighting is the result of differences and pain you both feel and sometimes it feels good to get it out…BUT NOT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS. We have some suggestions you might find helpful. For more please CLICK HERE , if you prefer to read about it in Spanish CLICK HERE                .