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Bridging the gap; How to make your “X” a co-parent

Bridging the gap;  How to make your “X” a co-parent

Did you know that Number #1  request children’s make of mom and dad  post-divorce is to stop fighting all the time? Sometimes the fighting is all out yelling, sometimes it is more of a cold-war/silent treatment and sometimes it is in between. The point is, children want to see mom and dad acting civilly towards each other. You may be thinking, “How do you do that when you are angry, hurt,or frustrated?





Some parents tell us they start by recognizing the anger is creating more stress for the kids. Co-parenting is about getting along for the sake of the kids, making the children the focus and the business of co-parenting is serious. So the next time you want to yell, scream or show contempt think about your children. Is it really worth it? Learn more about co-parenting at

Your child will thank you for it!