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Parent Alienation – A danger to children

Parent Alienation – A danger to children


When asked what the parents in our class, Pro-Active Parenting and Divorce are most concerned about, very often they describe behavior that is known as Parent Alienation.

Parent Alienation is behavior by one parent that results in the children withdrawing or transferring affection from one parent to the other. When loyalty issues escalate and become out of control, parent alienation may occur.

Sometimes this behavior is a conscious decision on the part of one parent, or both parents. There may be obvious and open hostility towards the other parent, or mutual hostility. Sometimes it is more subtle, and sometimes it is not even a conscious effort.

One way parent alienation occurs is when one parent moves a considerable distance away from the other parent for perhaps “spite or control”. Even if the parent gets court approval, the loss of time spent with a loving parent is usually difficult for a child and not in the child’s best interest.

Children realize that the move will make it difficult if not impossible to spend consistent, “regular time” with mom or dad.

If you or someone you care about is in the process of divorce and have children this is something they should think about before they make any decisions.

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