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“Family Matters”

As Marriage and Family Therapists and educators, we have devoted our practice to helping families and are preeminently qualified to provide you with important and useful course information presented in an enjoyable format designed to help use what you have learned.

We have co-authored the Pro-Active Parenting and Divorce® class, a Florida DCF/Court approved required Parent Education and Family Stabilization class which also meets or exceeds all the standards and criteria necessary as a Nationally Recognized CoParenting class.

As co-directors of Family Therapy Associates, a private practice located in Coral Springs/Parkland, Florida, we specialize in relationship issues with a focus on divorce, co-parenting and blended family dynamics as well as help families deal with issues that stress family dynamics.

Based on feedback from the community, we have developed a very comprehensive program known as Divorce Matters 360. As the name indicates, we recognize that “Divorce matters” –matter– to everyone in its path. Our goal is to provide support, education and guidance to find Solutions Before, During and After divorce, including how to co-parent successfully.

Other Courses We Offer

We have also developed a series of informational courses called FYIyiguides on a variety of subjects our clients and visitors to this site have asked us to write about such as chronic illness, grief, loss, care-giving, and adolescent issues. Each FYIguide provides actual hands on suggestions and tools including a checklist for quick reference. Please visit the Other Courses We Offer section on the HOME page for a listing of courses that may fit for you your personal struggle!

Karen Kaplan. MS.Ed, M.S., LMFT

Dr.Debbie Swayman, DMFT, LMFT

Karen Kaplan, MS, MS.Ed, LMFT

Karen holds a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University, a Bachelors Degree in Education from Boston University and a Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She has authored additional courses on the subject of children and teenagers, step-parenting, aging/caregiving and long term care.

Karen Kaplan is known for her engaging style and her warm sense of humor, which clients say makes them feel at ease and comfortable. She is experienced with the dynamics involved in new relationships, couples, parenting, coparenting, “in-law” relationships, infidelity, divorce, as well as issues that are often underlying the conflict.

While her focus is working with clients to find solutions and not place blame, her goal is to help clients find ways to shift from their problem-causing pattern to a more preferable, rewarding and peaceful interaction.

Dr. Debbie Swayman, DMFT, LMFT

Debbie holds a Masters Degree and a Doctorate Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders from State University of New York College at Buffalo, and a Masters Degree in Speech/Language Pathology. In addition she has served as an adjunct faculty member for graduate studies in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Nova Southeastern University,and is also a clinical member and approved supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Dr. Debbie Swayman is known for her gentle, yet direct approach, which clients report is effective and soothing. She is experienced with the dynamics of working with individuals, couples and families, including people facing divorce, co-parenting and blended family adjustments. Her areas of interest and expertise include families coping with children with special needs, adolescent angst, and issues resulting from chronic pain and illness, as well as family members who are dealing with grief and loss. Her successful approach is caring and nonjudgmental, which clients say makes them feel safe to explore their problems.

“Karen and Debbie are also co-authors of a well-known local column “Family Matters” and additional courses on family issues. They have also been recognized for outstanding service as a READERS CHOICE recipient.

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