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Co-parenting and Divorce


We would like to post a question that we get asked often … When is the best time to take the “ProActive Parenting and Divorce Class”? The answer is simple – we strongly recommend that you take it as early in the divorce process as possible. In fact, it’s helpful for couples that are separated or contemplating divorce to take the class even before they are filing and legally required to do so. You will learn how to co-parent in an effective way, and how to move forward in a way that is best for your children. Understanding how they might be affected, and what you can do to make the transition easier for them, will benefit all of you! Our on-line format allows you to take the class anytime of the day or night, and from anywhere you are. It is Nationally recognized and court-approved in Florida to fulfill the 4-hour required Parent Education and Family Stabilization course for all parents divorcing with children under 18 years of age.

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